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Initial list of restaurants offer a variety of dishes. Now refers to not only refer to the recipe menu list have said the computer program in the list of options that appear on the screen, also refers to the list of services, and so on, meaning more widely.
history of the menu initial menu is a list of dishes with a price list. But originally the role was not explained to guests the dishes of the menu and prices, but to remind cooks don't forget dishes. English menu. It is said that in the early 16th century, France Imperial cuisine is very general. 1533 France King angliershi Princess card effort brought from Florence Cook as dowry, France gradually improved until Imperial cuisine. France chef in order to remember the Italy cuisine cooking methods and materials, write them down, this is the prototype of the menu. These records will become available to guests of the menu was the mid-16th century. 1954 bulunsiweike Marquis dinner at his mansion, each sent a dish, the Marquis is to look at the list on the table when guests know when he looks at today's menu, I very much appreciate this approach. Everyone rushed to follow suit, at dinner time, all pre-made menu, the menu actually becomes.
computer, the menu has also been extended as the operation name of the operating system. Display list of operating system commands. Such as the start menu, right-click menus, and so on. BACK

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