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Explore the United States packing industry trends

1. plastic and paper materials according to the Freeedonid group consultancy case studies show, 2006 United States packaging market, consumption in 17 markets more than paper, total consumption of 4.9 million tons, showed that between 2001-2006 and an average annual growth rate of 1.6%. Research report noted that paper only in the transport bags and packages carried by cooked food market to continue to outperform, and plastic in the filling and packaging films and transport on the barrel-chested rigid containers packaging technology advantages and convenience of plastic package processing, fast line to boost its competitiveness, reusable plastic barrel cheaper than fiberboard packaging costs for transport, market prospects. Rigid plastic containers suitable for packaging food, such as rice, stand-up plastic bag will replace the folding tray for candy wrappers, metal-coated high barrier laminated film and application will be expanded. Another soft drink market will also use more plastic bottles, plastic fast food packaging and packaging consumption have a strong growth rate in the retail market. United States PET material for consumption in a number of upward momentum in the market, including health and beauty, pharmaceuticals, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, carbonated and non-carbonated and Cenozoic beverages) industries. United States has recently developed two new packing materials. DuPont launched the "teweike" package, with highly PE micro-fiber with special process of forming a non-woven cloth, light, waterproof, wear-resistant, and has excellent characteristics of paper, film, cloth, wide range of applications. United States Ticona introduces VeetranL.cps liquid crystal polymer, oxygen, water vapor, fragrance has a high degree of impermeability, and sterilization bags multilayers of conventional packaging resins and making Thermo-shaped plate and lid material extrusion can also be made of 2.5 μ m film applied to highly blocked food and medical packaging. United States Dow Chemical Company Limited, central research and development laboratories, developed an alternative to glass containers plastic containers. It is made of transparent p-type thermoplastic, the two epoxy polymers from aromatic glycidyl ether reacts with Bisphenol a class or two amine functional groups. Because of the resulting polymer chain with Interchain interactions are very strong, so oxygen performance, resistance to impact, to produce single-layer container, its performance is better than glass containers. Aseptic packaging plastic bottle becomes United States packing industry, new Florida base. Waertaao and sons is a good example. This company Arizone teas and juice drinks made of delicate glass bottles and labels has been widely praised. Last summer, the company also introduced the use of hot-filled polyethylene terephthalate bottles of beverage products. General Manager, John. Mr baerboni said: we are considering using aseptic filling technology, but the packaging business of packaging and processing capacity. 2. wood packaging popular United States invented as early as 50 combined structure of heavy cartons, and uses anise clamp pad with generous head screws tight patent with the tray at the bottom. Overweight large wood packaging to use composite or combination of super multi-layer corrugated board structure. For example United States Rexam company with two three-story seven-layer corrugated cardboard stuck together, and constitutes 14 overweight corrugated cardboard boxes and can withstand large Ford trucks, bearing more than 7.5 tons. 98 United States 40.33 billion sq m of corrugated cardboard production and sales totalling US $ 19.53 billion, 0.5%-0.6% for the three-watt seven-layer corrugated board, production reached 222 million square meters. The number itself shows, there are a number of United States factory in the production of heavy paper box. Their seven-line production speeds of up to 155 m/min, automatic. United States 50 patented octagonal clamp gaskets and generous head screws tight, still in use in some places. Formation of the packaging concept 1. environmental protection in recent years, the United States advocated the waste paper recovery, with remarkable results. According to reports, United States company's recent production of E-Tech products E-cubeTM packing material, is made with recycled, like square, after filling allow perishable goods such as eggs in the box does not move to avoid rupture. Compared with the foam, E-cubes filling is more convenient to use, and can fill any shape products, recyclable, biodegradable, nontoxic. United States LongView fibre company recently launched a quality retail packaging paper bag with handle, can be used for three to four-colour printing, recycled kraft paper bag production, into leather color, bleaching and other colors of paper bags. This kind of paper bag price is more expensive than plastic bags, but the use of long cycle, fully compete.
United States Biocope company is a matter of synthetic and biodegradable material manufacturer, recently launched made from corn plastic cup of-PLA polymer material production. The product was first made available to the Sydney Olympic Games, has been put on the United States market, is most welcome. The company says the new material made the Cup its physical properties can be comparable with oil and synthetic plastics, derived from plants, completely, its environmental performance and oil synthetic plastic can't match. It can without any processing, together with food waste thrown away the Cup together with food waste into water, carbon dioxide and organic substances. 2. diversification in food industry, for example, because Americans now on food consumption demand to many specifications, changes in diverse directions, food-processing industry has put cost into the development of more flexible and mobile packages online, often develop a new packaging products for 2 years, now just six months, the product will be listed. This fully illustrates the United States packing industry to develop new varieties, new products faster, time is short. Meanwhile, the packaging sector is committed to provide consumers with more convenient packaging. According to United States Census Bureau predicts that by 2025 United States entered an aging society, United States packing industry is fully taking into account the needs of older consumers on packaging the potential, started to develop the future characteristics of the aged society packages, such as cover with zipper, metal lid for easy opening, two-finger ring, etc. Convenient for food packaging in appearance, easy to open, stores, companies continue to introduce new food packaging products to the market. At the edge of small food packaging/sub vinyl alcohol/acetaldehyde using polypropylene polypropylene material, making it easier to open; fast-food cookies breads using polyester film packing and solid bleached sulphate Board plates made of, to address past baked on the spot you want, and takes a lot of labor and quality problems, and lengthen the shelf life. Made of solid bleached sulphate board oil spill-proof coating on the plate, both capable of baking furnace for high temperature and cooling at low temperature can be reprocessed. In order to ensure consumer safety, theft-proof unopened packaging trends for a variety of products used. United States first anti-theft unopened packaging is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Now to ensure product quality and safety packaging is used in food processing, dairy and beverage packaging. 3. soft packaging of today's United States characteristically about consumer goods on the market in flexible packaging forms. Survey, 1996 Conference has United States 75% of thin-film material of the flexible packaging market, by 2000, 85% 2002, 95%. United States Association of flexible packaging (Flexible Packaging Association), 2002 "State of the industry report" points out that flexible packaging market is worth US $ 20 billion industry, accounting for $ 114 billion total package of 17%, packaging the second largest sector of the market, while United States paper products processing flexible packaging market is still the largest so far. Flexible packaging industry has a lot of growth areas such as shrink tube packaging, sterilization of soft bags, vertical bags and food packaging. FPA report believe that United States very broad prospects for flexible packaging market. The report pointed out that before 2005, United States with the most development potential in three markets: the fresh produce: so far, half of the flexible packaging of agricultural products, but also pointed out that, there are also some agricultural products because of refrigeration equipment and technology to improve, to develop in the direction of aseptic packaging. Second, pharmaceuticals: blister packs in the sense not fully flexible packaging, area at the top of the aluminum foil or cementing layer belongs to the packing area, but its momentum of rapid development. For surgical equipment, rather than rigid packaging, flexible packaging more packaging standardization and rationalization of costs. Third, food market: pet food market is one of the bright spots, United States beer production and consumption for many years was the world's largest 2000 2325 tons, plastic bottle consumption growing rapidly in recent years, glass bottle packaging has increased in recent years because of premium beer with significantly improved. In recent years due to the rapid development of PET bottles, metal quantity of canned soft drinks as a proportion of all soft drinks showed a falling trend, down to 99 years of 91 in 48.3%, and substantial decline in glass bottles also continuous, 12% play in total amount of beverage bottles from 90 to 99 years 0.8%. United States tied packaging made of metal cans and PET bottles for soft drinks, but even broader prospects for PET bottles. Other beverage containers, PET bottle fastest, increased from 92 11.4 billion in 2001 to 24.2 billion. Glass bottles from 92 of the 14.2 billion in volume, per cent in 2001 to 8.2 billion. Used for beverage packaging bag is also growing more rapidly.
packing equipment and trends 1. packaging equipment packaging automation program is widely used, such as PLC, data collection systems. For consumers, United States packing industry tends to use message labeling system, because the Government requires packaged products nutritional ingredients, instructions for use, marked with a bar code, it is labeling system with multi-function information development. United States scientists developed a new IC detector can detect a certain food or drink of some kind of modification time. This food quality detection new device, by sensor and scanner constitute, its energy from scanner issued of radio, sensor of main material is lead, packaging food Shi will it together placed food box within, for detection Shi, detection personnel just will scanner alignment food launches radio, scanner issued of radio signals will makes food produced vibration, while issued sheet music wave, sheet music wave first reflection to food box of box wall Shang, Hou again conduction to sensor, through with standard of database calibration vibration degree, Conduction velocity of the vibration transmission time and score, instantly detect food spoilage by time can be determined, the test results very accurate. 2. development trend of food packaging United States the majority of new food packaging mainly petrochemical products as raw materials, more and more willing to use plastic cans and plastic bottles, it will replace the glass and, in some cases, alternative to metal products, because they are lighter, can reduce transport costs. Trends in conventional fiber packaging materials phased out, most likely to completely replace the cellophane is polypropylene film, and grease-proof paper translucent paper are high density and low density foil instead. Current United States food industry's Center of gravity is in the 60# and 70#GIS (one-side coated) positive sign a piece of paper, glue application inspection check buyers increasingly turn to plastic synthetic material. These General Polypropylene plastic tags are applied on metal packaging cans, but it is the most popular beverage of preference, is widely used in plastic and glass bottle. With a heat-shrink sleeve plastic tags, is applied to metal cans and bottles at the same time, this is because aniline printing is economical and effective. In recent years, the paper label has two major changes in the field, one is for UV-curing coating demand, the second is the use of a broader range of ink colours, many printers can print in 9 colors, printing special colors just spend a little money BACK

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