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Many challenges to implementation of personalized printing

As electronic publishing and the development of cross-media publishing, traditional print market will have a great impact. Changing customer demand led to the growth of on-demand printing, less and less print printing, digital printing technology application, makes one from India, men do not desire according to the quantity needed to print anytime, anywhere, and you want to make current-the shorter the better, cheaper. These changes are forcing traditional publishers seeking new business, personalized printing application provided traditional printers the opportunity to open up new markets.
personalized printed abroad are known as print on demand (PrintOnDemand), the printing of images and text according to predetermined content and format change, each printed design and printing for specific objects. Personalized printing is easy to think of variable printing or printing. Variable printing, variable is printed there are a feature of traditional printing is just in between batches, suihua printing is within a batch change. As for the short version, highlighting only the size of, and does not reflect personal connotations. Printing should include 3 parts after the prepress, printing, printing, personalized printing is not just individual design, but the design, printing and prepress in one. Fan is a very wide range of personalized printing applications. Personalized printing of marketing form main has by suppliers drive type type and by customer drive type type, so personalized printing development by required of technology how does? in recent years, support personalized printing of digital press became more mature, speed faster, quality more high, and performance more reliable, each page of printing cost also quickly declined; technology and work process makes production process more perfect and can achieved automation, Internet of quickly growth makes personalized of advantage highlights, Also provides support for personalized data processing required for printing. All this provides the basis for the rapid development of personalized printing.
However, personalized printing challenges faced in the implementation process, first, this purely technical issues, market and regulatory issues, including the need for standards, data processing and security, accuracy of printed issues, binding and processing requirements, market acceptance and demand. Second: from the current development situation, it has not become a mature industry. Key questions to have more trade and printing companies ask for personalized printing to add power, the potential market into a reality, but also breaks new profit point for personalized printing. According to the IBM survey shows that 71% customers plan within the next two or three years, with personalized printing, 43% color personalized printing techniques will be used.
at present, personalized printing on-demand printing abroad the growth in Shaanxi, partly because manufacturers have started to consciously develop goals for their target customer markets: on the other hand is the growing emphasis on your own personalized print the end user, increasing demand for print quality, so as to promote the printing of a BI application.
in domestic, personalized printing development main exists two a aspects of obstacles: a is personalized printing market yet formed, scale and needs too less, also not caused people enough of attention; II is engaged in personalized printing of cost too high, while also to consider to enterprise of bear capacity, select for enterprise reality of equipment; on the, due to traditional printing concept of effect, most are formed has a entrenched of idea: printing only big bulk business.
personalized print market so far, but one thing is for sure, print personalized development is a trend that represents the printing directions for the future, the potential market will become a new development of printing enterprises. F bio-printing application, there will be more companies to realize their dreams, beautifully printed annual reports, bidding documents, sample booklets, manuals, sample, enable enterprises to establish a good image and win the competition.

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