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Short version of the digital printing and binding equipment

a, binding classes

    1. binding

    binding device came from industrial machines, device operation is relatively simple, the earliest binding 300 per hour, maximum binding thickness can be up to 52mm. Binding operation as follows: melt, milling, glue, wrapping and cutting finish. Its low cost, equipment prices the lowest around 40,000 yuan, up to more than a hundred thousand of Yuan. Currently on the market are mainly Japan horizon and the Taiwan tvric, Beijing printed and other brands. Due to the binding machine needs some covers an area of, and also to be equipped with cutter, melt process creates air pollution, not suitable for Office use, user management.

    2. envelope-type hot-melt binding

    binding using envelope gum, completed after the hot-melt glue, envelope creases on either side can make the reading more smooth and comfortable, to binding standards of publications. Binding speed is 1800/h binding range 1-150 page (80g/m2) and binding specifications for A4 size operation as simple as a copy machine. Another manual B5000, binding speed for every 40 seconds 1-25; binding thickness 1~540 sheet (80g/m2), can be stapled A3 short; operation is extremely simple, just staple clip into a special envelope, into a binding machine can be completed, price of 2000~18 million.

    3. spine-hot-melt binding

    major brands on the market are United States fastback and Germany planax. Fastback device weighing only 24.75kg; binding thickness for 3~350 page; each binding in 15-25 seconds, with spines, and cover printers, the minimum price of 20,000 yuan. Germany hot-melt strips planax binding machines the maximum binding thickness 25mm supplies colored linen cloth.

   , playing the second hole

    1. install

    plastic circle, circle of iron is the most common form of binding, biggest advantages is bound after the file is open.

    2. hot rivets

    hot rivets are common staple in recent years, from the appearance point of view than many surface evenness, but read the angle reading is not very convenient.

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