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Six reasons to choose CTP

In recent years, the rapid development of CTP technology, technology is becoming mature. Abroad, the CTP penetration is very high, and now in China, the introduction of CTP technology has become a trend.
Beijing color printing company limited is a high-quality business printing service providers, covering an area of nearly million square meters, with more than 200 employees and equipped with three four-color Komori presses. Ruihe hardcover printing brochures, product brochures, posters, books, boxes, magazines, in 2005 passed ISO9001 certification.
Beijing ruihe color printing company Fujifilm LuxelVx-9600 violet laser CTP was introduced in July 2007. According to the relevant person in charge of the company,-select Fujifilm CTP violet laser, based mainly on the following aspects.
(1) fast violet laser CTP production speed is almost twice times the heat sensitive CTP, limitation of print faster, smaller batch job would be best.
(2) exposure mode LuxelVx-9600 violet laser CTP with stable, reliable, and high-precision drum structure, image quality more precise.
(3) long laser life LuxelVx-9600 MW-level lasers, low power consumption, start up and shut down quickly, can do the momentary switch, only moments when exposure to light laser, laser on exposure after the instant off.
(4) high imaging quality and screen resolutions in under 200 lines per inch to clear reproduction of 1%~99% network, and 20 μg of FM screening can be achieved.
(5) using low cost laser 5 years free warranty, save the maintenance cost of the machine. Meanwhile, developer for the use of long cycle, can save significant costs to the enterprise.
(6), founder of a full range of professional services provides professional pre-press services, Fuji offers upscale version. A full range of services, bringing great convenience to the enterprise.

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