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Hefei CHEONG printing limited company was founded in 1998 with a registered capital of 30 million Yuan. This company is to printing for career of professional institutions, Hefei Cheng Cheung printing, and Hefei printing, and Hefei printing factory, and Hefei printing company, and Hefei printing, and Hefei printing design company, and Hefei album printing, and Hefei packaging printing, and Hefei color printing, and Hefei envelope printing, and Hefei sample printing, and Hefei publicity book printing, and Hefei poster printing, and Hefei packaging box printing, and Hefei carton printing, and Hefei mobile bags printing, company under four a sector that: Business Department, enterprises of Department, design department, late production department, has technology of Exchange, Preflight planning, designing, printing and processing services such as sound systems. &Nbsp;   
the company has introduced the printing equipment, currently has 8 new four-colour printing press Heidelberg, 8-color Heidelberg, Heidelberg CTP plate making machine, and have the box with the late binding, cutting, grinding process, providing finishing one-stop service. For the realization of the concept of one-stop service provider, we are equipped with first-class design team, superb operational capabilities and improve the printing pre and post services, providing our customers with high quality, high efficiency, fast and convenient full range of graphic design services. Provide high quality and efficient service, first-class print products to customers, market-oriented, specializing in paper products, development and production company, whether hardware or software installations have reached advanced level at home and abroad, technical director of various departments all have professional knowledge and rich experience.

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